Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Bio Poems

A few poems we wrote about ourselves. 

Amazing, pretty, playful
Who enjoys playing with her friends
Who feels happy when her mum gives her a hug
Who wonders where the Easter Bunny lives
Who fears Rangitoto will erupt
Who dreams of travelling the world.

Amazing, creative, playful
Who enjoys soccer, cricket and rugby
Who feels happy when helping others
Who feels excited when birthdays come
Who dreams about being the smartest person. 

Loyal, helpful, kind
Who enjoys reading books
Who feels happy when he is with his family
Who wonders about life on different planets
Who is scared of global warming
Who cares about jaguars leaping in the jungle
Who is able to climb mountains
Who dreams of being a super hero.

Crafty, smart, confident
Who enjoys biking, ice skating and playing with friends
Who is able to ski over bumps and a flip into a pool
Who feels scared when walking over a glass bridge
Who cares about family and friends
Who wonders where unicorns live
Who dreams about having a real unicorn as a pet.

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