Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cheetah Poems

Here are some of our cheetah poems based on this slow motion video.

Sprinting like a golden bullet,
Long tail floating in the air,
Legs knotting into a huge ball,
Stretching legs as long as rope,
Greatest speed of lighting,
Speedy Cheetah!
By Sophie S

The Cheetah
Powerful balanced tail,
Visible strong leg muscles,
Bright gold shooting bullet,
Fast as the speed of light,
Very firm steady head,
Leaping, pouncing, creature,
Metal like feet digging in the ground,
By Max

Looks like a golden dart,
Long body stretching,
Sprinting like the wind,
Powerful paws,
Balancing tail,
Steady head,
By Craig

Golden spotted machine,
Bunching its hind and front legs together,
A bullet of muscle,
A  hard rock head,
Steady tail,
Black, golden, white
By Grace

Strong speedy cheetah,
Stretching, leaping, pouncing, flying, body
Ripping the ground with powerful claws,
Faster than a horse,
Powerful balanced tail
A golden animal bullet,
Striking it’s prey with a

By Michael

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