Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Huts For Our Buddy Class

Today we made huts for our buddy class. 
We had lots of fun making the huts, and even more fun reading to our younger buddies in them!
We were lucky with the weather as we had just packed up and got inside before it started raining. 


  1. Hi Team 20
    What amazing hits you made today and so special that you could share them with your buddy class. What clever planners, designers and constructors you all are. A big thanks to Ms Jamiesonfor such a great idea!! From Benjamin's mum

  2. Hi Room 20 VAS
    We like the way you shared your huts with your buddy class. It is great to see you including your buddy class in your learning. It looked like you had fun. I like the way you were reading to your buddy class - Faith. I like the way you made your huts- Garv.

    Kind regards
    Room 11 MRS

  3. Well done Team 20. Great huts - and it's lovely to be able to share them on your blog.
    Thank you.
    Diana (Charlotte's mum)